Fremont Employee Appreciation Day

March 2022 – Executive Director Christy Kay

The Fremont Senior Living team has many tenured staff, along with new staff, that show up everyday with a genuine love for the residents. I’m proud to be their Executive Director. They make a difference in the residents’ lives daily within every department, showing love and compassion in every aspect of their jobs. They work great together as a team.

My team has been amazing through the pandemic. They all pulled together and worked out of their comfort zones to cover any area that needed assistance.

For Employee Appreciation Day we are really doing a spirit week, small gifts of appreciation will be given and we’re going to involve our residents. I show gratitude throughout the year by getting out on the floor and continuing to grow relationships with my staff. It feels good to the staff to know that they are appreciated and we care about them. The department heads get out there and assist the line staff as well. That goes a long way with building a strong team. The Fremont team is diverse in their strengths and what they bring into the community