Memory Care HERstory

I’m Tiffany Forse, and I’m the memory care director at Fremont Senior Living.

In honor of Women’s History Month, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate Hatsuyo, one of our neighborhood residents! 

Hatsuyo M. was one of the first Japanese war brides. She met her husband in Tokyo, Japan, when he was an American intelligence officer stationed there. Hatsuyo has always been very involved with her church. Although she never had any children of her own, she opened her home to, and touched the lives of, many missionary and seminary students.

I feel it is important to honor the stories and history of individuals with dementia, because they have led such amazing and full lives, with such great stories to tell. In most cases, they can no longer do so on their own.

In the Fremont neighborhood, we try to connect with individuals living with dementia by reminiscing with pictures, stories, and activities designed to spark those memories.

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