Memory Care: National Gardening Month

Gardening is potentially a “long-term” memory for residents with dementia. Gardening is an activity that has deep roots with many of them. Whether growing flowers or vegetables, odds are planting and tending were part of everyday life and often as a family with skills and traditions passed through generations.

It is beneficial to connect individuals living with dementia to long term memories because these memories are things they are familiar with, therefore comforting to them in a sometimes unfamiliar world. Activities, such as gardening, often lead to interesting stories from the past, sparked by the activity itself. It is very gratifying for the resident to be able to complete tasks from the past and recall memories associated with that task.

Here at The Fremont Senior Living Springfield, MO, we will celebrate and participate in National Gardening Month by exploring our garden and making a plan for all our favorites. We will plant colorful flowers to see, fragrant bushes to smell, and all our favorite vegetables to munch. Our neighborhood will share our garden with birds and butterflies that we will attract with treats that we make!