Living is more than just surviving.

Wellness is such a deep idea that runs to the core of The Fremont that it was difficult to figure out how to communicate it in writing. We believe that care is holistic because every person has physical, social, and emotional needs.

Meet William, a former resident at The Fremont Senior Living. His story is a little more extraordinary than most, but our goal is for you to truly understand that we can, and want to, address your needs. Our takeaway from William’s story isn’t simply that we are “able” to provide the care you need – but that we are here to help and enable you to live the life you dream of. William’s story is your story.

William’s Story

Towering at 6’5”, William* was larger than life, and due to the toll Parkinson’s Disease had taken on him, he had larger than life problems. He had been told over and over that his only option was to move to a skilled nursing facility. But, when he met with our senior living counselors, nurses, and executive director, they knew they had to give him the chance he had nearly given up on.

By creating a personalized plan of care to help William not just “maintain” where he was – but to try and improve – our team was able to give him renewed hope that he could still live a full and meaningful life. William worked incredibly hard with the home health company, Amedisys, in their Parkinson’s focused “Big and Loud” program. He took his own improvement seriously and thrived, regaining strength and independence he had been told was impossible by that time.

William and his wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at The Fremont Senior Living. Our culinary team catered the event and even baked a gorgeous 3-tier wedding cake. What really made the event special, though, was the moment William stood up on his own and walked again. It was a moment his friends and family never expected to witness again, and something none of us will ever forget.

*identities have been changed for privacy and images above are stock images that look amazingly close to the real “William.” We miss him terribly and were blessed by his presence in our lives at the Fremont.

Pillars to Genuine Quality Care

William’s success involved a whole team providing for him as a person – not just caring for his needs like any other tasks.

Click on the links below to learn more about the core concepts behind The Fremont’s personal care services.

Holistic Care

Working together to care for the whole person, not just physical needs.

Care Planning

Planning for the future with goals and maximizing independence in mind.

Personal Choice

Providing care on YOUR schedule.


Turning Common Sense into Common Practice

The Fremont Senior Living leads the way in its use of technology to provide care. It’s part of our focus on improving the lives of residents in every aspect, including avoiding potential health issues whenever possible.